Incorporated since 1990, Joland Group is currently one of the leading property developers in Johor & Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. Since its inception in the early 1980's in property investment, Joland Group has over the years diversified into property development of high rise & luxurious serviced apartments, factories, township developments, retail investments, and hospitality & leisure.

In Joland Group, we strive to be more than just property developers. As we are inspired by our customers, and driven by our young, vibrant and talented team of passionate builders, we strive to build and deliver great properties to our buyers be it home owners or investors. Our aim is not just to provide satisfaction to our investors, but also to build and grow our brand and company for the long run in the real estate market.

Currently, Joland Group has over 50 subsidiary companies under its group. In the Johor region, Joland Group has successfully developed the Grand Paragon Hotel and Kukup Golf Resort, both which have contributed to the development of the Iskandar Region in Malaysia. Through Amprojek Construction Sdn Bhd, we have also developed a 32-storey & 33-storey luxurious serviced apartments at Johor Bahru. Another two subsidiaries of Joland Group, Flagship Builders Sdn Bhd and Pekan Nenas Industries Sdn Bhd have also built factories to cater to the growth and demand of industrial properties in the same region.

As part of our aggressive plan to grow our brand named "Paragon", which simply means "a model of excellence", Joland Group is currently developing five ongoing projects in Johor, namely the Paragon Residences @ Straits View, Paragon Suites @ CIQ, Skudai Bizhub, the Paragon Square, a shopping neighbourhood mall at Jalan Tampoi, Johor and Pekan Nenas Industrial Park-Phase II.

In addition, to further our development and investment in the retail and hospitality sector, we are currently developing a mixed development project at Kuala Lumpur namely the Paragon City Development. This project is comprised of a retail shopping mall, two serviced apartments and a 5-star hotel, all of which will carry our benchmark brand name "Paragon" to further our statement of intent in delivering excellent products in the market.

With our ever growing real estate portfolios and developments as evidenced in the above mentioned projects, we seek to continuously build quality properties for our investors to distinguish ourselves from our fellow competitors.


Joland Group brings together the young, talented, and passionate people to ethically build and deliver value added products in an innovative way for our customers.



Joland Group brings together the young, talented, and passionate people to ethically build and deliver value added products in an innovative way for our customers.


In our pursuit to grow and become one of the benchmark key player in the Region, acronymed as VIT-C, we have struck by these values in delivering properties which plays a vital part in defining who we are as a diverse group of people with passion, talents, skills, expertise and knowledge. With these core values, we strive to deliver quality products and service excellence to our customers.


We believe that by delivering value added products, we will be able to provide satisfaction to our customers to differentiate ourselves from our competitors.

Integrity &

We hold ourselves to a strict moral and ethical code in our company as laid down by our founder of the company in building properties while seek to innovate at the same time in building our properties to maximize the value of the product.


As we believe that time is of the essence, we strive to deliver products and services within a reasonable time frame to our customers.


As customer's confidence and trust in our company is paramount to us, we seek to build and maintain a great relationship with them.


Greetings, As the Chairman of Joland Group of Companies, we have come a long way and it brings me great pleasure to see the milestones that we have managed to achieve over the last 25 years.

Proving ourselves with the successful completion of Bizhub Skudai 8 in 2014 and Paragon Residences @ Straits View this year, the continuing performance of Grand Paragon Hotel & Kukup Golf Resort in the hospitality industry has also always been positive.

It has always been our aspiration to build quality products and provide the best service. Thus, I also look forward to the completion of Pekan Nenas Industrial Park – Phase II in 2016 and Paragon Suites @ CIQ in 2017.

Committed to our social responsibility, Paragon Education has also started the construction of Paragon Private and International School which will operate starting 2017. I believe this is where future leaders will be born.

Moving along with our development momentum, I am also very excited to embark on our coming projects next year, being Paragon Square @ Tampoi, JB and Paragon City mixed development at Semarak, KL.

I give our sincere appreciation to our valued customers and business partners for their support throughout. I also thank our employees for their dedication and loyalty which contribute to our success.

Towards the paragon of development!

Dato' Tan Eng Boon